Ernest Dimnet (), French priest, writer and lecturer, is the author of The Art of Thinking, a popular book on thinking and reasoning during the s. Notes from The Art of Thinking, by Ernest Dimnet. Genius has never been supposed to be a particularly good teacher of any art. Sir Walter Scott, when he. The more a man thinks the better adapted he becomes to thinking, and education is nothing if it is not the methodical.

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Undoubtedly superior in craftsmanship to, say Wuthering Heights.

The almanac and the clock reign supreme, and if they should disappear, civilization as we know it would collapse. People forget their childhood, no doubt, and it is a loss which, no matter how lightly they take it, is irreparable. The reason is because seeing the truth—whose other name is salvation—and realizing that other people will not see it, they treat them as grown-ups must treat children. In a few days this sentence may be transformed by the press into a slogan with a whole train of practical consequences behind it,-who can tell how many divorces have been brought about by the “pursuit of happiness” being mentioned as an elemental right in every American child’s text-book of the national history?

The preference for scientific branches which can be turned to immediate account is of course a manifestation of the utilitarian spirit.

Idea; How we can get at our own ideas; Be yourself; Find yourself; and Literary product Paul now develop superb bodies, a capacity for fending for themselves, a passion for camp-life and an independent spirit to which the instinct for cooperation adds rather than detracts. Admittedly, taken from the ‘giveaway table’ at work. It can be made, and ought to be made, clear and interesting. After they become famous their historians are apt to repeat the thoughtless and heartless saw that it is good for writers and artists to be a little hungry.

Insomnia, before tinking in exhaustion, generally produces a lucidity which no amount of normal meditation will thinkkng, and the vigils of literary men testify to the fact. He does not think of his declensions as something difficult or something easy, but as something which everybody has to learn and does learn. Only keep great books in your library 5. When you say that you were reading this book attentively, you mean that your intellect was expending some share of your consciousness—let us say one fifth or, at best, one third of it—on the book.


These books did for his power of invention what the crowds in the city did for Dickens’s. A mixture of good and bad.

The Art of Thinking

How absurd that I should have given up French! Seldom does the red-faced little fellow miss a crumb of the cases or tenses slyly filing at him. But it is not so. The reader finds in it thinkinng of ways to estimate the quality of his own thinking The disproportion between what Angellier seemed to expect and what he was treated to, that afternoon, could not be left unnoticed, yet in a few minutes the conversation became more substantial, every word of it addressed to this unknown man with the expectant face.

Nobody denies that thought, like oratory, gains by being drunk at the spring. Sometimes he is a very simple man, the roadside mechanic slowly walking out of his garage.

Ernest Dimnet

But the one book to which he will naturally revert, the one which his hand instinctively seeks at vacant moments, is his Lanson or his Desgranges, the manual of literary history. Thoughtfulness, which is the highest form of life, is reconcilable with tussle only in a deep biological sense which is too subtle for this practical book to enter into.

People are wont to praise life thinikng the great educator. It will be enough if the reader is conscious of sympathy to which he has a right, and of a continuous striving to help him in his effort to think his best and live his noblest. On the other hand, read the directions issued by the York Board of Education concerning the teaching of elementary Latin.

I heard a bearded Capuchin once say that golden crosses were heavier than wooden ones. It is really wonderful.

The Art of Thinking by Ernest Dimnet

Driven, slaves, and drudges are also the rich. Russians are supposed to have rare facilities for the acquisition of languages. His personal influence was extraordinary. Medieval anonymity is another evidence of the diffusion of talent in those fortunate ages. Dimnef mass wants easy methods, and so the methods are easy.

It is needless to say that, given what the world is, most children are more unfortunate than lucky in their surroundings. In absolute opposition, French schools turn out young people convinced that nothing, except the attainments of intellect, has much right to respect.


This too is known to all literary people. He may agree with the consensus known as public opinion, but it will not be because it is universal opinion. But your intellect is only a sort of superior clerk doing outside jobs for you.

As for our estimate of our own mental elasticity, it is a matter of mere honesty requiring only the simplest investigation. Does not our thinming in criticizing rather than appreciating break out in many sentences beginning “I hate,” thinkiny detest,” “I despise,” “how I loathe” Literature is not so clever. I would say to the reader, “Taste it, try it for yourself. The real title ought to have been: What fluidity the loosening influence of the mute e and the nonchalance of the n sounds arf to that language.

But he was not Alfred de Musset, alas! The only difference they see between the latter and themselves is accidental and likely to be effaced in an instant: Everybody too is conscious of spells during which his mind is at its best, works swiftly and infallibly.

Do they not consist of clothes, fashions, mannerisms, formulas listen to what you hear at the opera or at arh exhibitions? If he is mentally strong, dlmnet vocabulary will be helpful; if he is not, the learned words and apparently illuminating fore-shortenings will only give him a cheap superiority over people who have not had his training.

The art of thinking

A French teacher is a man who has written, is writing, or wants to write a book, quite possibly a novel or a aet, and to whom literary renown is the one glory worth working for. Notre Dame is a Catholic college, certainly, but it is that much less than it is a stronghold of football. In a few moments his magnificent head bends toward the patient and a scene, unforgettable to those who once witnessed it, begins.

Some men possess it, others not; but those who do not possess it must blame themselves. You say “thoughts,” “pure thought,” and you are persuaded that you say this without any accompanying image, but are you right or wrong?