Ben Jonson’s Epicoene. MARJORIE SWANN. Englishmen in the early modern period were obsessed with their bloodlines. “One of the most striking features of. Ben Jonson. This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, at To the best of our knowledge, the text of. Epicoene has ratings and 22 reviews. sologdin said: principal antagonist is a ‘man who prefers no noise,’ which is an apt description of my

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Epicene: Stage History

Thou shalt keep one door and I another, and then Clerimont in the midst, that he may have no means of escape from their cavilling, when they grow hot once again. That they do not speak above may suggest the impracticality of elaborate action there, as in other Whitefriars plays.

Beside, as good maim his body as his reputation. And that shall be within this half hour, upon my dexterity, gentlemen. Gentlemen, have any of you a pen and ink?

The next is conditio: Well, sir, conceal yourself then in this study till I return. There is a carpet in the next room, put it on, with this scarf over thy face, elicoene a cushion on thy head, and be ready when I call Amorous. And you have fastened on a thick quilt, or flock-bed, on the outside of the door; eplcoene if they knock with their daggers, or with brick-bats, they can make no noise?

Clerimont and Truewit talk about Otter when he has left.

It is your responsibility to check the applicable copyright laws in your country before downloading this work. Nay, he has wpicoene thousand things as good, that will speak him all day. And how he pours them out! Nomentack was a Virginian Indian who was brought to England in But the parvenue Jonson – elitist to the last – was pulling his nose at his audience.


Epicene: Textual Essay | The Cambridge Works of Ben Jonson

The folio text is also distinctly literary in style. This might affect how the content is displayed. They are married women that live away from their husbands and speak their minds. For how many causes may a man be divorced, nephew? Herford and Simpson 9. Come, you disguise it: Never a time that the courtiers or collegiates come to the house, but you make it a Shrove-tuesday!

Garrick used period costuming rather than the contemporary dress that had been the practice in the Restoration years, as though to acknowledge that the play was now regarded as something of a museum piece hearkening back to the early seventeenth century.

Come, you are a strange open man, to tell every thing thus. I have made a song, I pray epidoene hear it, on the subject. Curiously enough, Janiculo had escaped imprisonment by the Turks in Constantinople in by disguising himself as a woman. You must persever, and hold to your purpose. I have the perquisites of the office which you are to share Cunningham. To your places again. Jonson hinted to William Drummond that the jonsln failed; he mentioned certain verses calling the title appropriate, since the audience had remained silent at the end.

If this be true, we are happy again, sir, once more. Works by Ben Jonson. Then, in this play, which we present to-night, And make the object of your ear and sight, On forfeit of yourselves, think nothing true: And that they had sent for the heralds. Bad eloquence or slander was a typical feminine characteristic whereas good eloquence was masculine.


Good gentlemen, help to pacify my princess, and speak to the great ladies for me. I pray you wear this jewel for my sake, sir Dauphine. Sir Amorous, you must not equivocate. This revival was the most important British production of recent years; see the production photographs in the Performance Archive.

He thinks, I and my company are authors of all the ridiculous Acts and Monuments are told of him.

His chairs be always empty, his scissors rust, and his combs mould in their cases. My cousin, sir Amorous, will be here briefly. Saltat senex, jonaon it is in the proverb; he does triumph in his felicity, admires the party!

The least hint given him of his wife now, will make him rail desperately. Among more contested readings, this edition follows F1 at 1. However off-putting the production seems to have been to a number of reviewers, the acting was generally superb; Richard McCabe as Truewit was especially impressive.

Epicoene / Ben Jonson

In one case a skeleton at 2Y2: I always want to like Jonson – he was such a badass – but I usually find myself disappointed with his plays and their concern with manners, overwrought humor, and general insider-joke-ness a word that will not be showing up in the OED anytime soon. The only constancy in this tale seems to be that of Morose himself who remains morose but has he not reason to be?

O, that I will, sir: