Book review of Maeda’s Tsumego Volume 1, by the Nottingham Go Club. The book is suitable for players from kyu to 4-kyu. problems. MAEDA Newly Selected Tsumego Problems for k, , download here. MAEDA The God of Tsumego VOL.1, , (member only). I’m thinking of asking my better half for Maeda’s 3 volume tsumego from amazon. for my birthday (the reprinted all-in-one edition). I would.

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Mon Dec 31, 1: Where to get maeda tsumego books? Thu Apr 19, 7: Thu Apr 19, 8: I think Maeda’s three tsumego books are in Japanese only, and I do not know where to buy them.

I bought the pocket life and death book that was published by Slate and Shell before they stopped selling books. Thu Apr 19, The s original is out of print. The lower quality reprint is out of print. The Tokyo book shop for used books. MaedaTsumego Having said that, at yen, and then shipping on top, is way too much money for what it is, in my opinion.


Fri Apr 20, I got mine from amazon. The Meada books are good and probably even better if you read Japanese, but there are so many sources of problems these days that I can’t call it necessary.

Maeda Tsumego | American Go Association

Fri Apr 20, 4: At some point, doesn’t thinking have to go on? Shipping costs aside, I think that yen is quite reasonable, considering inflation and the original cost of the set. Fri Apr 20, 6: That appears to be the 3 volume lower quality reprint mentioned from: That hasn’t stopped maed before!

Fri Apr 20, 2: Please be also well aware that the problems given “difficulty” starting at 9 Kyu has nothing to stumego with Japanese ranks nowadays. Even European ranks may not be really appropriate, the problems are a bit more advanced than these.

Maeda Tsumego

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Hello friends, does anyone have any ideas or websites to get them? I found the Slate and Shell book txumego here if you want a physical version. Between the Maeda books and a couple of other sources, I worked maybe tsumego problems during my first year of playing go. Nowadays people talk about doing 50 problems a day!


OC, there is a plethora of problems available to Asian players, as well. It speaks to the quality of Maeda’s books that their price has held up maesa well. The original price was 4.

Where to get maeda tsumego books? • Life In 19×19

Yeah, is more like it, eh? Or get your book.

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